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The 40' Enclaves Collection. Ravine Lots Available!

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About Us

The Menkes Storey

Our life storey began
nearly 60 years ago.

Menkes was founded by Murray Menkes. Visionary. Entrepreneur. Businessman. He wanted his life storey to be about building single-family homes that delivered outstanding quality and lasting value.
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Our Mission

Enhancing your life storey
is our mission.

At Menkes, we are committed to creating innovative real estate solutions for living and working. We draw on the strength of our experience and expertise to develop superior quality residential homes, luxury condominium, office towers and industrial buildings.
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Building Green

the future.

Menkes is committed to making everyone’s life storey better by building green communities. Our homes, condominiums, offices and industrial buildings are constructed to the highest standards to reduce energy consumption and emit less pollution.
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Customer Care

Menkes Cares

Your comfort is our priority.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on having the highest level of customer service in the industry.
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About My Menkes

Connect with convenience.

The My Menkes website was designed for your convenience and ease as a Menkes purchaser.
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About Décor

Decorating your life storey.

We understand the importance of making your living space unique, individual and unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
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Protecting your investment.

Every Menkes home is protected by a comprehensive warranty program, which is guaranteed by Tarion Warranty Corporation.
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Menkes Single Family Home Locations

Locations of Menkes condominiums.

Please select a region to view a detailed map of Menkes’ portfolio of communities throughout the GTA.

Our Chapters

The Menkes Storey

Menkes was founded by Murray Menkes nearly 60 years ago.

A Good Investment

We deliver an enhanced lifestyle experience and an exceptionally good investment.


Our community involvement and affiliations

Green Building

Innovative environmental initiatives make for a clean, energy efficient lifestyle.


Build yourself a strong foundation with a career at Menkes.


Discover the awards and accolades that further establish Menkes as your builder of choice.

Past Projects

View our portfolio of past and present communities.

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