It's time for the Tarion Homeowner Survey!

Don Kearney
November 13, 2015

With fall upon us, it's time for Tarion Warranty Corporation's yearly homeowner survey and it's important for new homeowners to fill it out and have their voice heard.

Surveys are being sent out in early November via e-mail link to over 49,000 new house and condo owners who took possession of their new home between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015.

The survey asks a number of questions about Tarion as well as how well things went with the builder of your new home or condominium.

Questions about Tarion involve overall satisfaction with the organization, their policies and their services.

When it comes to questions about working with your builder, Tarion is interested to know how homeowners felt about their Agreement of Purchase and Sale, service prior to moving in (for example, how you were treated at sales, during d├ęcor and how any questions you had were answered before you moved in), your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), your home's readiness when you moved in (was it clean, how many deficiencies did it have, was anything you upgraded to missing), the customer service you received after moving in, including follow-up on any deficiencies noted and  how you were treated by staff and tradespeople, and finally your overall satisfaction with the service, products and treatment you received from your builder.

Tarion uses this information to not only shape their own policies but they also use it to gauge how each builder is doing. If a building is routinely performing poorly, Tarion will often step in and reach out to that builder to see what they can do to improve their performance. Tarion also uses the information from the survey to decide the Top 5 builders in Ontario in 4 different categories and ultimately the winner of each category.

The survey isn't very long and taking the time to completely will not only help Tarion and your builder but other homeowners across the province.

Homeowners have until January 10th to complete the survey and it is being conducted independently by Crunch Research and Nielsen who will share the results with Tarion and the building industry.