Take Advantage of the Space Your Party Room Offers

August 6, 2015

It's an all-too familiar problem that many people who live in condos face; you've been asked to host a family gathering and you're worried that you and your extended family members won't be able to comfortably fit in your suite. The truth is that you're probably right but many condo owners or people who rent condos often overlook one of the largest and underused amenities in their buildings; the party room.

Often opulent with dazzling themes, the party rooms in most condominiums are often the most lavishly furnished and highly-decorated of all the amenity spaces. Unfortunately they're also one of the least used amenities when compared with a gym, pool, steam room or smaller reading rooms. One of the reasons is that most condominium boards insist that party rooms be booked in advance, that a damage deposit be paid or, depending on the size of the gathering, that security be present during the event.

Despite some of these minor inconveniences, having the use of a party room to host large gathering is one of the big bonuses of living in a condominium. Whether it's a birthday party, a holiday feast, or a wedding shower, the party rooms in most buildings are the perfect spots for these types of events. Most come with kitchens so food preparation is easy or if you choose to cater an event, the catering company has all the necessary space and appliances to pull off a dazzling meal.

Additionally, many party rooms have large dining tables perfect for a large family and are often adjacent to outdoor patios or terraces, making summer gatherings that much more enjoyable by providing extra space to socialize before and after a meal without having everyone in one particular area.

So instead of booking a restaurant, trying to squeeze everyone into your suite or having to shorten your guest list, why not take advantage of the party room in your building and have a great gathering just steps from your suite.