Family Life At The Eglinton

December 15, 2014

In a city where space is at a premium, condos are becoming the new family home. Developers (like us!) are focusing on building family-friendly condominiums in order for the high-rise lifestyle to best cater to the needs and desires of families. Sure the one level, open concept means you won't have to worry about installing gates but there is so much more to family condo living than baby-proofing.

The real benefit of condominium living is how this lifestyle can positively affect you and your relationship with your spouse, kids and loved ones ? allowing you to connect and interact in your home and extended areas. The open concept setting and amenities, like the children?s room at The Eglinton, allows families to truly be together. This special space at The Eglinton is designed for families to interact and for young children to play, relax and blow off some steam.

The 400-square-foot room is designed with an outdoorsy theme. It will feature a variety of seating and alcoves where children and parents can focus on books, music or puppetry. The bright hues, soft walls, floor and other furnishings will stimulate the senses while keeping everyone safe. Kids can play and explore on structures or interact with the activity wall with lots of fun toys.

Busy little tykes crave room to roam and the Eglinton provides this space - as well as the fun playthings to go along with the exploration! Occupational therapists specializing in children development maintain that kids need easy access to play space that allows for movement and creativity. Stress, mental health, attentiveness and academic performance are all believed to improve by engaging in creative play and utilizing motor skills.

The children?s room at the Eglinton allows for all of this to happen while also fostering a joint environment between parents and children as well as the opportunity to make connections with other families in the condo. Playtime anyone?