Introducing Menkes Rental Suite Management

April 5, 2018

Menkes wants to help you manage your investment.

We are pleased to introduce Menkes Rental Suite Management, a service dedicated to assisting homeowners with a range of services including:  managing maintenance 24/7, collecting rent payments, coordinating service calls, handling all communication with tenants and building management, and tracking income and expenses records, to name a few. This service will help make renting suites worry-free, with no need for owners to ever contact tenants, building management, realtors, insurance etc.

Homeowners can also take advantage of our experience, resources and knowledge. Menkes’ advanced database software allows online access to all private and confidential account information.

We know your suite best; let us take care of it for you.

Menkes Condominium Rentals is dedicated to helping you find a suite that fulfills your every need and enhances your lifestyle, providing all the luxuries of a Menkes home with the conveniences of renting.

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